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Love is war, and war is at the heart of change evolution.

Jareth’s final betrayal pushes Tilly over the edge. Desperate to shove him out of her heart like a bad memory, she falls into despair. General Lathan Rhys recruits Harper Serrano to remind Tilly there are bigger things at stake than a broken heart, like humanity’s survival. She knows he’s right and works her way through the ranks to become Earth’s first representative to the alien race. Kodiak and Harper also train at her side and become new recruits for the Henokan army.

When the group takes the fight to the battlefield, Jareth abducts Tilly and whisks her back to the Staleth. Volatile and angry, he decides to do what he should’ve done all along—claim her and impose absolute rule over the Baltin Council.
But Tilly has her own secret. When Jareth discovers what she’s hiding, it changes the world forever.



Our story isn’t the one you thought you knew.


A chance encounter in the woods threw us together. From the moment our eyes met, I sensed something sinister stirring within his soul. He believes he’s beyond kindness, redemption, and love. Fear is his weapon and he wields it without mercy. But he fails to realize something—I’m not scared of him.


Eternally cursed for my brother’s death, I take retribution against those who believe they’re above sin, above hate, above me. For eons, I’ve hidden in the shadows—stalking my prey, thinning their numbers, and feeding my inner darkness. I’m beyond salvation, no matter what she thinks. My curse is forever, but so is my vengeance.

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No one is stronger alone.
Tilly Morgan is one month away from high school graduation. For eighteen years, she's been looking forward to leaving her small Texas town. But then the entire planet goes dark one night, throwing everything into chaos.
Someone--or something--releases an electromagnetic pulse and renders all electricity and electronics useless. Widespread panic breaks out in the cities, creating roving bands of looters, rioters, and worse.
The situation escalates when alien spaceships descend from the skies. Now humankind has a new contingency to face: a deadly plague released by Earth's unwelcome visitors.
Banding together with her parents and small community, she learns what it means to survive and protect those she loves, all while watching humanity spiral out of control.

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