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Mina Raye

If you enjoy stories with a steamier twist, check out my latest release, Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night, which twists The Princess and the Pea fairytale.

Fleeing from a pre-arranged marriage, Sacha Shepperd Ninnette finds shelter in an old tower. Its owner, Finley Marin—a gruff, strange man who’s in dire need of a princess—blackmails her into staying the night. He’s desperate to return to his world of magic, and she yearns to escape her mobster father. After one dark night of passion, their growing attraction is put to the test. Will their desire for one another bring them closer, or will vengeance tear them apart?


The Last Dragon

A continuation of Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night, this book follows Fin, Sacha, Cyan, and Margaret's arrival on Erbse.

Unfortunately, Finley Marin's world has changed over the past several years--and not for the better.

While Sacha acquaints herself with Erbse, enrolling in the local Thief and Assassin Academy to perfect her new roguish skills, Fin's pressured by the Wizardry School to take the aptitude test, hoping to determine which branch he belongs--good, evil, or neutral. Before he's able to earn his rightful place, though, he disappears, leaving a cryptic message about the "last dragon".

Sacha and Cyan, determined to find their broody, lovable sorcerer, set out on a quest to rescue Fin, fighting against every obstacle the mysterious last dragon throws their way.

Will Sacha--the former mafia-princess-turned-rogue--have what it takes to free her fiery, handsome wizard?


One thing's for certain: if Finley Marin doesn't have the strength--and control--to remain alive long enough to thwart the Last Dragon, he'll lose everything, including those he loves most.

Anticipated release Winter of 2021

**This book contains adult language and a lot of spice, which is suitable for ages 18 and up.**

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