Baltin Trilogy: Book 1

This is the first book of the Baltin Trilogy, which follows Tilly Morgan and her dog, Kodiak, as they maneuver across Texas to find her sister after an apocalypse.

While trying to avoid being captured or killed by the invading aliens, Tilly meets another fellow survivor named Jareth--a handsome, yet annoying pain in her backside--who's intent on joining her little group of two whether she wants him or not.

But are things really as they seem? Can she trust him with her heart and her life?

She wants her world back; he wants her heart.



Baltin Trilogy: Book 2

The Betrayer follows Tilly and Kodiak's journey to find her sister. On the way to Earth, she and her dog are captured by a top-secret military base. She's given a choice: cooperate with the United States Air Force and the Henokans to betray Jareth--or lose her life and those she loves.

Surrender her heart or save the world?



The Ravenlight Cycles Book 1

Ravenlight twists the Brothers Grimm fairytale, The Raven, and is the first book in a standalone paranormal series that features time travel, ancient curses, and sweet romance. If you enjoy sexy shapeshifters, resilient heroines, and dangerous dream walks, then you'll love it.

Sophie Brannigan
Ten years ago, when I was eight, a raven rescued me from a fifty-foot plunge. For years, the same bird stayed at my side like a best friend and protector. There was something special about him, but I had no idea just how unique he was until I found him in my room one night--in human form and irresistible.

Revan Chogan
Since the day I saved her life--both from a deadly fall and an abusive, drunken father--I've secretly hoped Sophie could break my curse. Two hundred years ago, a rival enemy's shaman doomed my tribe to live as ravens in retribution for our transgressions.
One day each month, during Ravenlight, the spell lifts and we assume our original forms. Instead of joy, though, being human is a reminder of what was lost.

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