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Dark Thief: A Savage Worlds Novella

Caught in an alien invasion aftermath, Fala fights for survival armed with only a dagger and unyielding courage. Traveling through the woods on a food run, she’s captured by a colossal, ruthless Henokan soldier.


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Dragon Touched: A Spicy Fairytale Retelling

Dragon Touched twists the The Princess and the Pea fairytale into a fun, spicy adventure filled with a dark wizard, one sassy princess, and a baby dragon with attitude.


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New Savage Worlds Individual Covers and a Box Set!

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A ravaged world. A forbidden love. But nothing is what it seems.

The Baltin Box Set, part of the Savage Worlds series, follows Tilly Morgan as she desperately searches for her sister in a world decimated by an alien virus and EMP blast. If you enjoy strong heroines, cyborg romance, a love triangle, and animal sidekicks, then you'll love this series!


This set includes:

The Intrusion

The Descendant

The Betrayer

The Redeemer


A Merry Baltin Christmas (Bonus short story)


Love can be a neverending storm of passion...or hate.

Second Chance Rockstar Romance that follows Behind the Lyrics.

The Intrusion

The end of her world is just the beginning.

The starting point of the Savage Worlds series.

If you enjoy apocalyptic sci-fi romance, this book is for you!

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What happens when a Rock God falls for his enemy?

Cursed:Fallen Angels Book 1

Two enemies unable to fight each other's pull. Will love bind them to Heaven or curse them to Hell?

For fans of paranormal dark romance.

cursed_ebook_v1 (1)_edited.jpg

Cursed for his sins. Scarred by her past. Can love set them free--or will fate keep them apart?

The Betrayer

Surrender her heart or save the world?

Ravenlight Cycles Book 2

This is the second book in the Ravenlight Cycles, and it follows Imala Chogan and Jaggar Martin as they try to come to terms with their differences.

Yet, the more they learn of one another, the more they have in common. Can they overcome their pasts to find freedom and love?

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