Baltin Trilogy Box Set

A ravaged world. A forbidden love. But nothing is what it seems.

The Baltin Trilogy, part of the Savage Worlds series, follows Tilly Morgan as she desperately searches for her sister in a world decimated by an alien virus and EMP blast.

Along her cross-country journey, several others join the quest, including a damaged alien, a goofy mutt, and enigmatic Jareth, who wants more than her friendship. Jareth wants something deeper, something real, something precious. Her love.

But as truths become lies, enemies become friends, and love becomes hatred, everything Tilly endures sets her and her friends on a course to save humanity—or destroy it forever.

Follow Tilly as her journey takes her from Earth and into the reaches of the solar system to carve humanity's place in the new, savage world. Along the way, she learns what sacrifice—and love—truly mean.

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Behind the Lyrics

What happens when a Rock God falls for his enemy?

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Cursed for his sins. Scarred by her past. Can love set them free--or will fate keep them apart?



Ravenlight Cycles Book 2


Ravenlight Audiobook

Available on Chirp, Apple, Google Play, Audible, and your other favorite audio sites.

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The Intrusion

The end of her world is just the beginning.

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The Descendant

She wants her world back; he wants her heart.

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The Betrayer

Surrender her heart or save the world?

The Redeemer

Love is war.


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